Company Profile


What is UGT?
UGT is a graphic imprint technology company established in 1997. It has its own production plant in Guangdong. It holds a number of patents and awards locally and overseas.

UGT enhances appearance and perceived values of products by applying spectrum of colors and graphics onto surface of products such as electronic gadgets, telecommunication devices, toys, household goods, automobile and other industrial products. Even the surface is round or irregular, UGT is still applicable.

Superior Performance
UGT is a break through of conventional imprint procedures. It can be custom made for different needs. It gives image of super high resolution and is very durable. It is non-toxic and complies with worldwide product safety. It shortens production lead-time, increases graphical flexibility with lower costs but higher quality.

UGT is an integration of R&D and graphical design. With its exclusive printing technology and 3D graphical solutions, UGT successfully transforms ideas in the design room into fascinating products.

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